Critical minerals are metals and non-metals considered vital for the economic well-being of the world’s major and emerging economies, yet whose supply may be at risk due to geological scarcity, geopolitical issues, trade policy or other factors. Examples of some Critical Minerals include Vanadium and Copper.

These minerals have a range of high-tech uses in a world migrating towards a clean-energy future.


Forecast demand growth for critical minerals presents a vital economic opportunity. Australia is among the most technically advanced, innovative and efficient global mining jurisdictions, with a long history of successful project development.

The Australian Government has strong support for the development of critical minerals projects in Australia, with the $2B Critical Minerals Facility providing a source of funding opportunities.

The Canegrass Battery Minerals project places Viking with a strong position to capture the present momentum of the vanadium market.

Projected vanadium consumption by end use – including steel

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